Best Dog-friendly Day Trips in Manchester

There’s no reason to leave your four legged friend at home when you go exploring in Manchester! Check out some of these scrumptious dog-friendly activities for your next day trip that is sure to be full of wagging tail fun:

  1. Canal Walks: Take your pup on a leisurely stroll along the city’s historic canals. From the Bridgewater Canal to Rochdale Canal, the scenic routes offer perfect opportunities for bonding and fresh air.
  2. Dog-Friendly Cafes: Enjoy a cuppa or a treat at dog-welcoming cafes like “Evelyn’s Café Bar”. Sip your latte while your pup enjoys their own water bowl and maybe a special doggie snack.
  3. Pet-Friendly Tours: Join guided walking tours that welcome your furry companion. Explore the city’s history and landmarks while your dog makes new friends along the way.
  4. Outdoor Markets: Head to markets like Altrincham Market or Levenshulme Market, where your pup can join you while you shop for fresh produce or artisanal goodies.
  5. Doggy Playdates: Unleash the fun at dog parks like “Didsbury Park”. Let your pup socialize, fetch, and play to their heart’s content, while you meet fellow dog enthusiasts.

Dining out in Manchester is a culinary adventure, and the best part? You don’t have to leave your furry friend behind! Embrace the city’s vibrant food scene while treating your pup to a memorable mealtime outing. Here are five pawsome dining options where you and your dog can indulge together:

  1. The Wharf: Waterfront views and dog-friendly seating make this spot a tail-wagging favorite. Savor modern British cuisine while your pup enjoys the riverside ambiance.
  2. Evelyn’s Café Bar: A hidden gem boasting dog-friendly outdoor seating. Dive into globally-inspired dishes and share the joy with your canine companion.
  3. The Oast House: A rustic retreat with live music and a warm atmosphere. Mingle with locals, savor hearty dishes, and relax with your four-legged friend by your side.
  4. Albert’s Schloss: A lively beer hall where you and your pup can relish Bavarian flavors. Enjoy the festive vibe, delicious bites, and an array of craft beers.
  5. Café Beermoth: A unique spot where you can sip on craft beers and enjoy delectable bites while your dog lounges comfortably next to you. Unwind and bond over a shared love for great food and company.

Taking A Dog On Public Transport In Manchester

To take your dog with you on public transport in Manchester, there are three important specifications to keep in mind.

  • Leash and Manners: Keep your furry companion on a leash and ensure they’re well-behaved. A well-trained dog makes for a smoother ride, showing respect for fellow passengers.
  • Off-Peak Travel: Opt for off-peak hours when public transport is less crowded. This reduces stress for your dog and fellow commuters, allowing a more comfortable journey.
  • Valid Passes and Policies: Check the transport operator’s guidelines. Some modes of transport require a valid pet pass or have specific pet-friendly policies. Stay informed to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable ride for both you and your pup on Manchester’s public transport network.

Shopping In Manchester With A Dog​

Ready to shop till you drop in Manchester, with your trusty pup in tow? Keep these three tips in mind for a paw-some shopping spree:

  • Pet-Friendly Establishments: Scout out pet-welcoming stores before you hit the streets. Many boutiques and larger retailers are happy to have your furry friend browse alongside you, wagging tails and all.

  • Cozy Pet Carriers: If you’re hitting indoor markets or smaller shops, consider bringing a comfy pet carrier. Your dog can tag along while you browse, and you won’t worry about them getting overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle.

  • Doggy Etiquette: Keep your pup on a leash, and ensure they’re well-behaved. Remember, not everyone might be as thrilled about your dog’s shopping spree as you are. A well-mannered dog makes for a smoother shopping experience, leaving everyone smiling.


Dog-Friendly Parks In Manchester

Looking to treat your furry friend to some outdoor fun in Manchester? You’re in luck! Check out these five tail-waggingly awesome dog-friendly parks where your pup can romp and roam to their heart’s content:

  1. Heaton Park: A pup’s paradise, Heaton Park offers vast open spaces, woodlands, and even a dedicated enclosed dog area. Watch your pup’s eyes light up as they explore the sights and scents of this expansive green haven.

  2. Platt Fields Park: For a charming city escape, head to Platt Fields Park. Its picturesque lake, walking trails, and relaxed atmosphere make it the perfect spot for leisurely strolls and playful games of fetch.

  3. Debdale Park: Get ready for some serious tail-chasing action! Debdale Park’s sprawling fields and scenic lake are a dog’s delight. Unleash your pup’s energy and watch them make furry friends in this spacious park.

  4. Clifton Country Park: Take a short trip outside the city to Clifton Country Park. The serene woodlands, tranquil water bodies, and designated dog areas offer a refreshing getaway for both you and your four-legged companion.

  5. Chorlton Water Park: Dive into a watery adventure with your pup at Chorlton Water Park. Walk the trails, enjoy waterside views, and let your dog splash in designated areas. It’s a tail-wagging treat for water-loving pups!

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