Dog-Friendly Holidays In Italy

Italy, renowned for its captivating beauty and vibrant culture, is not only a dream destination for humans but also a paradise for our furry friends. With a remarkable dog-friendly culture, Italy welcomes dogs with open arms, making it an ideal choice for a dog-friendly holiday. 

In Italy, dogs are considered part of the family, and it’s common to see them accompanying their owners on various outings. Many hotels, bed and breakfasts, and vacation rentals throughout the country warmly welcome dogs, providing special amenities and services to ensure their comfort. From spacious parks where dogs can play and socialize to dog-friendly beaches where they can frolic in the waves, Italy offers ample opportunities for dogs to enjoy the outdoors.

Furthermore, Italy’s rich cultural heritage can be explored with your four-legged companion. 

Top 5 Dog-Friendly Hotels In Italy

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello

Perched high on a cliff in the charming town of Ravello on the Amalfi Coast, Belmond Hotel Caruso is not only a luxurious retreat for humans but also warmly welcomes four-legged guests. With spacious and comfortable pet-friendly accommodations, breathtaking views of the coastline, and a dedicated concierge service for your furry friend, this hotel ensures an unforgettable getaway for both you and your beloved canine companion.

Il Pellicano, Tuscany

Located along the Tuscan coastline, Il Pellicano is a dog-friendly retreat that allows both you and your canine companion to bask in the beauty of the region. With pet-friendly accommodations, a private beach where your pup can frolic in the sand, and even pet-friendly dining options, this hotel ensures that your pet is pampered and included in your Tuscan escape.

JK Place Capri, Capri

Situated on the glamorous island of Capri, JK Place Capri is not only a stylish boutique hotel but also a pet-friendly haven. With pet-friendly rooms, personalized pet amenities, and access to nearby dog-friendly trails and beaches, your furry friend can accompany you on leisurely walks and enjoy the luxurious ambiance of this chic Italian retreat.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Set on the shores of Lake Como, the Grand Hotel Tremezzo extends its warm welcome to four-legged guests, ensuring they have a memorable stay alongside their human companions. With dog-friendly accommodations, access to the hotel’s private beach for refreshing walks by the water, and even pet-friendly dining options, this hotel allows your furry friend to experience the elegance and beauty of Lake Como.

Palazzo Avino, Amalfi Coast

Located in the picturesque town of Ravello, Palazzo Avino combines luxury with pet-friendliness, creating a welcoming environment for both you and your furry friend. With dog-friendly rooms, a terrace with stunning views where you can relax together, and convenient access to nearby dog-friendly attractions and parks, this hotel ensures that your pet feels right at home on the Amalfi Coast.

Popular Dog-Friendly Destinations In Italy

Italy is a country brimming with history, art, and natural beauty. It is also a nation that warmly welcomes our four-legged friends. Traveling with your dog not only enriches your experience but also ensures that your beloved companion gets to be a part of your adventures. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular dog-friendly destinations in Italy, where you and your furry friend can create lasting memories together.


The capital of Italy, is a city that effortlessly blends ancient ruins with vibrant street life. It is also a great place to visit with your dog.


The birthplace of the Renaissance, is a treasure trove of art and culture. Fortunately, it is also a city that embraces dogs.


Often described as a floating masterpiece, is a unique city built on water.

Cinque Terre

A collection of five colorful coastal villages, is a breathtaking destination for both humans and dogs.

Amalfi Coast

This is renowned for its dramatic cliffs, vibrant towns, and azure waters. Luckily, it is also a place where your dog can enjoy the wonders of this coastal gem.


Known for its rolling hills, vineyards, and charming villages, is a paradise for both wine enthusiasts and their canine companions.

Lake Como

Nestled amidst the majestic Italian Alps, is a destination of unparalleled beauty.


The fashion capital of Italy, offers a delightful blend of style, culture, and dog-friendly spaces.


A city steeped in history and famous for its mouthwatering pizza, has much to offer for dog owners as well.


The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, boasts a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.


An island known for its pristine beaches and rugged landscapes, offers a myriad of outdoor activities for dog owners.


The culinary capital of Italy, is a destination that will satisfy both your taste buds and your dog’s sense of adventure.


A city with a rich history and elegant architecture, is also a great destination for dog owners

Travelling To Italy From UK With A Dog

hen traveling to Italy from the UK with a dog, there are certain specifications and considerations to ensure your pet’s comfort throughout the journey. Here are some tips to make the trip comfortable for your dog:


Ensure that your dog has all the necessary documentation required for travel. This typically includes an up-to-date pet passport, which should include proof of microchipping and rabies vaccination. Check with the relevant authorities for any additional requirements.


Choose a transportation method that is comfortable for your dog. If you are flying, check with the airline about their pet travel policies and select a pet-friendly airline that provides appropriate accommodations for pets in the cabin or cargo hold. If you are traveling by car, make sure your dog has enough space to sit or lie down comfortably.

Crate or Carrier

Provide your dog with a suitable crate or carrier that meets the airline’s or transportation company’s requirements. Make sure it is well-ventilated, secure, and spacious enough for your dog to stand, turn around, and lie down comfortably.


Introduce your dog to the crate or carrier well before the trip to help them get accustomed to it. Place their favorite bedding or toys inside to create a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Exercise and Bathroom Breaks

Prior to the journey, ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise to burn off excess energy. Take them for a walk and provide opportunities for bathroom breaks before departure. During layovers or stops, allow your dog to stretch their legs and relieve themselves as needed.

Comforting Items

Pack familiar items such as your dog’s favorite toys, blankets, or clothing with your scent. These items can provide a sense of security and comfort during the journey.

Feeding and Hydration

Avoid feeding your dog a large meal right before travel to prevent motion sickness. However, keep them well-hydrated throughout the journey by providing small amounts of water at regular intervals. Consult with your veterinarian for specific feeding and watering recommendations.

Temperature and Climate

Ensure that your dog is protected from extreme temperatures, both during the journey and at the destination. If traveling in warmer weather, provide access to fresh air and keep the vehicle or carrier well-ventilated. In colder weather, provide appropriate bedding or clothing to keep your dog warm.

Calming Techniques

If your dog experiences anxiety or stress during travel, consult with your veterinarian about potential calming techniques or medications that can help them relax.

Dining Out In Italy With A Dog

Dining out in Italy with a dog can be a pleasant experience, as many cafes and restaurants are pet-friendly and welcome well-behaved dogs. Here are a few cafes in Italy that have received positive reviews for their pet-friendly atmosphere:

  • Roscioli Caffè Pasticceria (Rome): Located in the heart of Rome, this café is known for its delicious pastries, coffee, and pet-friendly environment. They have outdoor seating where you can enjoy your meal or coffee with your furry companion by your side.

  • Pasticceria De Bellis (Naples): This charming café in Naples is famous for its traditional pastries and cakes. They have outdoor seating where dogs are welcome. You can savor your favorite treats while your dog relaxes beside you.

  • Caffè Gilli (Florence): Situated in Florence, Caffè Gilli is a historic café that has been operating since 1733. They have outdoor seating available, making it a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee or a light meal with your dog.

  • El Bufalo Bianco (Milan): This café in Milan offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for both humans and dogs. They have outdoor seating and serve a variety of Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta.

  • La Dogana del Buongusto (Venice): Located near the Rialto Bridge in Venice, this café is known for its friendly staff and pet-friendly policy. They offer outdoor seating where you can enjoy a meal or a drink while taking in the picturesque surroundings.

Taking A Dog On Public Transport In Italy

Taking a dog on public transport in Italy is generally allowed, but there are some guidelines and regulations to be aware of. Here are the common types of public transport in Italy and their policies regarding dogs:



Dogs are usually allowed on trains in Italy. However, there are a few conditions to keep in mind. Small dogs are often allowed to travel for free if they are kept in a carrier or on a leash. Larger dogs may require a ticket, which is typically sold at a reduced price. Dogs must be well-behaved, and muzzles are often required for certain breeds or sizes.


Most regional and local buses in Italy allow dogs, but policies can vary between different companies and regions. Small dogs are often allowed on board in carriers or on a leash. Larger dogs may need to wear a muzzle and may be required to purchase a ticket at a reduced price.


Each metro system in Italy may have its own regulations regarding dogs. Generally, small dogs in carriers or on a leash are allowed, while larger dogs might require a muzzle and a ticket. It’s advisable to check with the specific metro system for their rules and restrictions.


Trams in Italy usually allow dogs on board. Small dogs are typically allowed in carriers or on a leash, while larger dogs might require a muzzle and a ticket. Policies can differ between cities, so it’s best to confirm with the local transportation authority.


If you plan to travel with your dog to the islands or across the Italian lakes, ferries often allow dogs on board. Some ferries may have designated pet-friendly areas or specific rules, so it’s important to inquire about their policies beforehand.

Shopping In Italy With A Dog

Shopping in Italy with a dog can be a delightful experience, as many stores in the country welcome well-behaved dogs. While it’s essential to check individual store policies, here are a few examples of dog-friendly stores in Italy:

  • Eataly: Eataly is a popular Italian marketplace that offers a wide range of high-quality food products. Many Eataly locations in Italy allow dogs, particularly in their outdoor seating areas and designated pet-friendly zones. You can explore the store while enjoying a meal or shopping for Italian specialties with your furry companion.

  • Pet Stores: Pet stores in Italy are generally dog-friendly and provide a variety of pet supplies, toys, and accessories. Examples include Arcaplanet, Maxi Zoo, and Pets Planet. These stores often welcome dogs on a leash and sometimes even provide treats or water bowls for them.

  • Outdoor Markets: Italy is known for its vibrant outdoor markets where you can find fresh produce, local products, clothing, and more. Many of these markets are pet-friendly, allowing dogs on a leash. Examples include Mercato Centrale in Florence, Campo de’ Fiori Market in Rome, and Mercato di San Lorenzo in Milan.

  • Some Clothing and Accessories Stores: Certain clothing and accessory stores in Italy permit dogs to accompany their owners while shopping. This can vary from store to store, so it’s advisable to look for signs indicating their pet-friendly policy or inquire with the staff. Examples of dog-friendly stores include Coin and Rinascente, which are department stores with various branches throughout Italy.

  • Home Improvement Stores: Some home improvement stores, such as Leroy Merlin and Bricofer, are dog-friendly and allow well-behaved dogs on a leash. This can be convenient if you need to shop for home-related items and prefer to have your dog by your side.

Dog-Friendly Beaches In Italy

Italy offers numerous dog-friendly beaches where you can enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with your furry friend. While policies may vary, here are a few examples of dog-friendly beaches in Italy:

Bau Bau Beach (Marina di Grosseto, Tuscany)

Located in Marina di Grosseto, Bau Bau Beach is a dedicated dog-friendly beach with a large area for dogs to roam and play. The beach provides amenities such as dog showers, dog-friendly bars, and sun loungers for pet owners.

Dog Beach (San Vincenzo, Tuscany)

Dog Beach in San Vincenzo is a well-known dog-friendly beach in Tuscany. It offers a spacious area where dogs can run freely, play in the water, and socialize with other dogs. The beach provides facilities like dog showers and waste bag dispensers.

Bau Bau Village (Lido di Classe, Emilia-Romagna)

Bau Bau Village is a dog-friendly beach resort in Lido di Classe. It features a dedicated dog beach area where dogs can enjoy the sand and sea. The resort also provides amenities such as freshwater showers, pet-friendly accommodation, and a dog agility course.

Dog Beach (Bibione, Veneto)

Located in Bibione, the Dog Beach is a designated dog-friendly area where dogs can enjoy the beach and swim in the sea. It offers amenities like freshwater showers, waste bag dispensers, and dog-friendly bars nearby.

Bau Bau Beach (Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany)

Castiglione della Pescaia is home to another dog-friendly beach called Bau Bau Beach. It provides a large and secure area for dogs, along with facilities like dog showers and waste bag stations.

Dog Friendly Activities In Italy

Exploring Dog-Friendly Parks

Italy is home to numerous dog-friendly parks where your canine companion can stretch their legs, play, and socialize with other dogs. Parks such as Villa Borghese in Rome, Parco Sempione in Milan, and Parco del Valentino in Turin provide ample space for your dog to roam and enjoy the outdoors.

Beach Getaways

Italy boasts stunning coastlines and beautiful beaches that welcome dogs. From the beaches of Sardinia to the Amalfi Coast, there are several dog-friendly beach areas where your pup can splash in the waves and soak up the sun alongside you.

Hiking Adventures

If you and your furry friend enjoy hiking, Italy offers breathtaking trails and scenic landscapes to explore together. The Dolomites in northern Italy, the Cinque Terre coastal trail, and the trails of Tuscany provide excellent opportunities for dog-friendly hikes amidst nature’s beauty.

Visiting Historic Sites

Many historic sites in Italy allow dogs on leashes to accompany their owners. From the Colosseum in Rome to the ruins of Pompeii and the ancient city of Pompeii, you can stroll through history while your pup enjoys the sights, sounds, and scents of these iconic locations.

Outdoor Cafés and Restaurants

Italy is known for its vibrant café culture, and many establishments with outdoor seating are dog-friendly. Enjoy a cup of espresso or a delicious meal at a dog-friendly café or restaurant, where your furry friend can relax by your side.

Wine Tours

In regions like Tuscany and Piedmont, wine tours are a popular attraction. Some vineyards and wineries allow well-behaved dogs to accompany their owners on guided tours, allowing you to explore the vineyards and taste exquisite wines while your furry companion tags along.

Boat Trips and Gondola Rides

In Venice and other coastal areas, you can find boat tours and gondola rides that are pet-friendly. Take a leisurely boat trip along the canals of Venice or explore the stunning coastlines of Cinque Terre, allowing your pup to enjoy the breeze and scenic views.

Dog-Friendly Events and Festivals

Throughout the year, Italy hosts various dog-friendly events and festivals. From dog shows and agility competitions to pet parades and street festivals, these events provide a fun-filled atmosphere where your furry friend can join in the festivities.

How Dog-Friendly Is Italy?