About Us

Who we are: Rocco & Valentina: Trailblazers for Canine-Inclusive Travel

  • Valentina, with her rich background in the hotel industry and a master’s in International Tourism, champions animal bonding and understanding their unique needs. Since her life-changing connection with her rescue dog, Rocco, in 2022, Valentina has led Dog-friendlyhotels.com. The site, more than just a resource, promotes a community where travel and animal companionship coalesce, ensuring every trip is a shared, inclusive adventure. Experience the joy of travel with Valentina and Rocco, as they redefine journeys with your four-legged friends.
  • Ugo & Amelia:  Pawprints Across Continents
  • Based in London, Amelia, with Ugo, her bulldog, has explored 35 countries, pioneering pet-friendly travel. Her extensive experience, including navigating air travel with dogs, offers invaluable insights for pet owners. Amelia and Ugo’s adventures span hidden gems and picturesque locales, making them your quintessential guides for travel with furry friends.
  • Sasha & Ramsha:  Pioneers of Dog-Centric Journeys
  • Ramsha’s travel expertise, alongside her rescue dog Sasha, epitomizes the spirit of dog-friendly exploration. Since 2018, their bond has transformed into countless adventures across varied landscapes. Ramsha’s understanding of canine behavior has made Sasha an exemplary travel partner, proving that shared experiences with pets are extraordinary.
  • Stamford & Mic:  Navigating the World with a Larger Companion
  • Mic, along with his German pointer Stamford, navigates the complexities of traveling with a large dog. His proficiency in accommodating and transporting large breeds positions him as a vital resource for pet owners. Mic’s journey is a testament to the joy and feasibility of exploring the world with larger canine companions.

Our mission

Welcome to Dog-friendlyhotels.com, your definitive guide to the best pet-accommodating stays across the globe. For avid travellers from the UK who never compromise on comfort for their canine companions, we are your passport to a world where luxury and pet-friendliness go hand in hand.

Our mission is simple: to ensure no dog lover ever settles for less when exploring the world. From the lush landscapes of Scotland to sun-drenched Mediterranean resorts, every accommodation you find here doesn’t just allow dogs—they wholeheartedly welcome them.

To guarantee the best experiences, every hotel, B&B, and retreat on Dog-friendlyHotels.com has passed our rigorous selection criteria, focusing on comfort, elegance, and unmatched amenities for your four-legged family member. Whether you’re seeking a modern hotel in a bustling metropolis complete with pet pampering services or a serene countryside manor where your pup can run free, our curated list ensures you’ll find the perfect match.

Discover the Dog-friendlyhotels.com difference today and experience a world of travel where every journey is paw-approved. Because every adventure is more memorable with your loyal companion by your side.