Dog Friendly Hotels in Valencia

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Valencia

Valencia is a beautiful city in Spain, and luckily there are plenty of great dog-friendly hotels to choose from. Here are some of the best dog-friendly hotels in Valencia

Casa entrada privada

Casa entrada privada pet friendly is a private and pet-friendly house with facilities for pets to roam and play. It's an excellent choice for pet owners who want exclusive living quarters where they can enjoy the comfort of home with their furry companions.

Ilunion Aqua 4

Ilunion Aqua 4 in Valencia welcomes pets up to 15 kg for a fee. Necessary documents should be provided for pets to ensure health and vaccinations. The hotel is conveniently located near City of Arts and Sciences, making it easy to take pets on walks. Pet-friendly amenities such as beds, toys, bowls, treats, and plush toys are provided as well. The hotel recognizes the significance of pets in guests’ lives and warmly accepts them.

Living Valencia Apartments - Merced

Living Valencia Apartments - Merced is a fully furnished and equipped pet-friendly accommodation option located in the city center of Valencia, Spain. The apartments offer modern amenities, including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi access. Each unit also has a kitchenette or kitchen, making it convenient for guests who wish to prepare their own meals. With easy access to nearby attractions, restaurants, and shopping areas, this is an affordable option for those seeking short or extended stays in Valencia with their pets. Additional fees apply for pets.

Ilunion Valencia 3

Ilunion Valencia 3 is a pet-friendly hotel in Valencia, Spain, equipped with facilities for pets' needs, designated outdoor areas for dogs to play, and comfortable rooms with appropriate flooring. The hotel removes the hassle of finding pet-sitters or boarding facilities. Ilunion Valencia 3 is committed to providing comfort and convenience to guests with their furry companions. It's a top destination for pet owners looking for a comfortable and hassle-free vacation in Valencia.

NH Valencia Las Ciencias

NH Valencia Las Ciencias is a pet-friendly hotel in Valencia, Spain that welcomes pets. The hotel provides comfortable and spacious pet-friendly rooms with amenities to make you and your pet feel at ease. The hotel offers services such as a pet bed, pet bowls, and a local map of parks and walks. The hotel's location allows guests to access nearby green spaces and walking trails, providing ample opportunity for pets and their owners to enjoy each other's company.

Dog Friendly Activities in Valencia

  1. Turia Gardens (Jardines del Turia): This stunning park, located in the dried-up riverbed of the Turia River, provides a perfect setting for a leisurely walk with your dog. The gardens offer vast green spaces, playgrounds, and scenic spots.

  2. Albufera Natural Park: Take a day trip to Albufera, a natural park located just south of Valencia. The park is known for its freshwater lagoon and rice fields. Dogs are often allowed on the trails and paths.

  3. Malvarrosa Beach: Some areas of Malvarrosa Beach in Valencia are pet-friendly. Check local regulations, and enjoy a relaxing day by the sea with your dog. There are also beachfront bars and restaurants with outdoor seating.

  4. Viveros Gardens (Jardines de Viveros): Viveros Gardens is a lovely park with well-maintained paths and green areas. It’s a peaceful place for a walk or some playtime with your dog.

  5. El Saler Beach: El Saler Beach, located south of Valencia, is another pet-friendly beach option. Check the specific regulations for dogs on the beach, and enjoy the sandy shores with your furry friend.

  6. Pet-Friendly Cafés and Restaurants: Valencia has a growing number of pet-friendly cafés and restaurants. Some establishments provide water bowls and treats for dogs, making it a pleasant experience for both you and your pet.

  7. Turia Riverbed Walk: Explore different sections of the Turia riverbed, as there are numerous paths and green areas. Some sections may have designated dog-friendly zones.

  8. Almudín Park: Almudín Park is a smaller park in the city where your dog can enjoy a stroll. It’s a peaceful and well-maintained space.

  9. Cullera Beach: If you’re up for a short drive, Cullera Beach is known for being pet-friendly. Check the local rules and regulations for dogs on the beach before planning your visit.

  10. Dog-Friendly Accommodations: Look for pet-friendly hotels or accommodations in Valencia. Some places may offer special amenities for your dog, making your stay even more enjoyable.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Valencia FAQ

Are there any restrictions on the number of dogs allowed per room?

The number of dogs allowed per room may vary by hotel, so it’s important to check with the specific hotel’s policy.

Can I request special services for my dog, such as grooming or pet-sitting, through the hotel?

Some hotels may offer or arrange special services for pets, including grooming or pet-sitting. It’s best to inquire with the hotel in advance to make arrangements.

How can I ensure a smooth stay with my dog at a hotel in Valencia?

Contact the hotel in advance to discuss your specific needs and ensure they can accommodate your dog comfortably. Be aware of and adhere to the hotel’s pet policies during your stay.