Dog Friendly Hotels in Nice

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Nice

Discover the charm of Nice along the French Riviera with your four-legged friend by your side. Nice offers a selection of dog-friendly hotels, ensuring that both you and your furry companion experience the beauty of this coastal paradise. Here are some of the best dog-friendly hotels in Nice.

Ze Perfect Place - Charmant appartement - Masséna

Ready to experience Nice with your pets by your side? Book your stay at Ze Perfect Place - Charmant appartement - Masséna and immerse yourself in a world where pet-friendly charm and comfort converge. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Masséna with the assurance that your furry friend is a valued guest, ensuring a stay that's delightful, memorable, and truly perfect.

Hotel Khla Nice

Discover the allure of Nice with your furry companion at Hotel Khla, a welcoming haven where modern elegance intertwines with genuine pet-friendly hospitality. Our hotel is not just a place to stay; it's a warm embrace for both you and your pet, ensuring a delightful experience on the French Riviera.

Villa Otero by Happyculture

Experience the charm of Nice with your four-legged companion at Villa Otero, a unique blend of historical grandeur and modern luxury. This boutique hotel by Happyculture is not just accommodation; it's a pet-friendly retreat where sophistication meets genuine hospitality on the French Riviera.

Hotel 66 Nice

Indulge in the beauty of Nice with your furry companion at Hotel 66, a boutique gem nestled in the heart of this vibrant city. More than just a place to stay, Hotel 66 is a pet-friendly haven where modern comfort meets genuine hospitality on the sun-kissed French Riviera.

Holiday Inn Express - Nice - Grand Arenas, an IHG Hotel

Discover the allure of Nice with your furry companion at Holiday Inn Express, a contemporary haven strategically located in the Grand Arenas district. More than just a hotel, we are your pet-friendly home base on the French Riviera, where modern comfort and genuine hospitality intersect.

Dog Friendly Activities in Nice

  1. Promenade des Anglais:Take a leisurely walk along the iconic Promenade des Anglais. This picturesque waterfront promenade welcomes dogs on a leash, providing stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

  2. Colline du Château (Castle Hill):Explore Colline du Château, a park with panoramic views of Nice. Dogs on leashes are allowed, and the park features walking paths and open spaces for your pet to enjoy.

  3. Jardin Albert Ier:Visit Jardin Albert Ier, a central park in Nice where dogs on leashes are permitted. Enjoy the greenery, statues, and fountains in this peaceful garden.

  4. Cap de Nice Coastal Walk:Embark on a coastal walk along Cap de Nice. The scenic path offers breathtaking views of the coastline, and your dog can relish the fresh sea air.

  5. Parc Vigier:Parc Vigier is a charming park with lawns and shaded areas. It’s a dog-friendly spot where your pet can stretch its legs while you unwind in a serene setting.

  6. Pet-Friendly Beaches:Certain beaches in Nice are pet-friendly during specific hours. Explore Plage Beau Rivage and Plage de Carras, which have designated areas where dogs are welcome.

  7. Old Town (Vieux Nice):Wander through the narrow streets of Old Town with your dog. Many cafés and shops in this historic area have outdoor seating and are pet-friendly, allowing you to soak in the lively atmosphere.

  8. Île Sainte-Marguerite:Take a short ferry ride to Île Sainte-Marguerite, one of the Lerins Islands. While dogs may need to be on a leash, this island offers a tranquil escape with walking paths and scenic views.

  9. Dog-Friendly Restaurants and Cafés:Nice boasts several pet-friendly dining establishments with outdoor seating. Consider places like Le Bistrot d’Antoine and Le Maquis, where you can enjoy a meal with your canine companion.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Nice FAQ

Are there any restrictions on the size or breed of dogs allowed in hotels?

Policies may vary among hotels. Some have restrictions on the size or breed of dogs allowed, while others welcome dogs of all sizes and breeds. It’s recommended to check with the specific hotel regarding their pet policy before making a reservation.

Is there an additional fee for bringing a dog to a hotel in Nice?

Yes, many dog-friendly hotels charge an additional fee for accommodating pets. This fee often covers the cost of additional cleaning and ensures that the hotel can provide the necessary amenities for guests traveling with dogs.

Can I leave my dog alone in the hotel room?

Policies regarding leaving pets alone in hotel rooms can vary. Some hotels may allow it if the dog is well-behaved and comfortable, while others may have restrictions. It’s advisable to check with the hotel’s staff and adhere to their guidelines to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet.