Best Dog Friendly Hotels In New York

Planning a dog-friendly holiday in New York? Look no further! The Big Apple offers endless activities and places for you and your furry companion. From parks and neighborhoods to restaurants and hotels, New York caters to dog lovers. Explore iconic landmarks and embrace the city’s dog-friendly culture for an unforgettable adventure.

New York, the vibrant city that never sleeps, is incredibly dog-friendly. From spacious parks like Central Park and Prospect Park to pet-friendly businesses and hotels, there are endless opportunities to explore and enjoy with your furry friend.

New York’s dog-friendly culture extends beyond parks, with many establishments welcoming dogs and providing amenities for them. Whether you’re strolling through the streets or relaxing in a café, you and your pup will feel right at home in the Big Apple.

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The Times Square EDITION New York is a dog-friendly hotel in the heart of Manhattan. With special accommodations for dogs, including beds, bowls, and treats, it offers a luxurious and welcoming experience for both humans and their furry companions. From the stylish lobby to the outdoor spaces, this hotel ensures that your dog feels pampered and enjoys their stay in the bustling city.

The Bowery Hotel is an exceptional dog-friendly hotel that warmly embraces guests of both the human and canine variety. Located in the vibrant Bowery neighborhood, this hotel is renowned for its charming ambiance and pet-friendly atmosphere. Welcoming dogs of all sizes, The Bowery Hotel provides comfortable accommodations equipped with amenities like cozy beds, food and water bowls, and even doggy treats.

The Dominick Hotel is a fantastic dog-friendly hotel that caters to both human guests and their beloved four-legged friends. Situated in a prime location, this upscale hotel offers a warm and welcoming environment for dogs of all sizes. With designated dog-friendly rooms that provide comfort and convenience, The Dominick Hotel ensures that both you and your furry companion have a memorable stay. From doggy beds and bowls to pet-friendly amenities, the hotel goes above and beyond to make sure your dog feels right at home.

ModernHaus SoHo in New York is a fantastic dog-friendly hotel that embraces both human guests and their canine companions. Located in the trendy SoHo neighborhood, this contemporary hotel offers a stylish and welcoming environment for dogs of all sizes. With specially designated dog-friendly rooms equipped with comfortable amenities, ModernHaus SoHo ensures that your furry friend enjoys a comfortable stay.

The Plaza is an iconic and dog-friendly hotel that provides a luxurious experience for both guests and their canine companions. Situated in a prime location overlooking Central Park, this renowned hotel warmly welcomes dogs of all sizes. The Plaza offers stylish and comfortable accommodations with special amenities for dogs, including plush beds, food and water bowls, and even a personalized doggy menu. With Central Park just steps away, it’s the perfect setting for leisurely strolls and outdoor adventures with your dog.

Dog Friendly Activities in New York

New York City offers several dog-friendly activities for you and your furry friend to enjoy. Here are some popular options:

  1. Visit Dog Parks: NYC has numerous dog parks where your pup can socialize and play off-leash. Some well-known ones include Central Park Paws in Central Park, Washington Square Park Dog Run, and Tompkins Square Park Dog Run in the East Village.

  2. Explore Central Park: While dogs must be leashed in most areas of Central Park, you can still take your pup for a lovely walk through its beautiful paths and meadows. There are designated areas where dogs are allowed off-leash during specific hours, such as the North Meadow and certain sections of the park called “The Ramble.”

  3. Take a Stroll on the High Line: The High Line is an elevated park built on an old railway track, offering stunning views of the city. Dogs are welcome on the High Line but must be on a leash. Enjoy a leisurely walk and soak in the urban greenery.

  4. Join a Dog-Friendly Boat Cruise: Several companies offer dog-friendly boat tours around the New York Harbor. You and your pup can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and the city skyline together. Be sure to check the specific regulations and requirements of each tour.

  5. Visit Dog-Friendly Shops: Many stores in NYC welcome well-behaved dogs. You can take your furry friend to pet boutiques, specialty shops, or even some larger retailers that have a dog-friendly policy. Just make sure to check with the store in advance and adhere to any leash or size restrictions.

  6. Attend Dog-Friendly Events: Throughout the year, New York City hosts various dog-centric events, such as dog parades, costume contests, adoption drives, and fundraising walks. Keep an eye on local event listings to find dog-friendly activities that suit your interests.

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