Dog Friendly Hotels in Heidelberg

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is a picturesque city in Germany that offers a fantastic experience for visitors with their dogs. There are several dog-friendly hotels in the area, each of which provides the perfect blend of comfort, luxury, and pet-friendly amenities.

Heidelberg Marriott Hotel

The Heidelberg Marriott Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel that understands that pets are an extension of our families and welcomes them with open arms. The hotel offers designated pet-friendly rooms with comfortable beds, food and water bowls, and waste bags to ensure a hassle-free stay for both pets and their owners. Additionally, the hotel has designated outdoor areas where pets can play and stretch their legs. It's important to note that the hotel has a pet fee, which covers in-room amenities and cleaning after check-out. The hotel's central location also offers easy access to many pet-friendly parks, shops, and restaurants within walking distance. Overall, the Heidelberg Marriott Hotel is an excellent choice for pet owners looking to include their furry friends in their travel plans.

NH Collection Heidelberg

NH Collection Heidelberg is a pet-friendly hotel located in the heart of the Old Town, just a short walk away from historical landmarks such as Heidelberg Castle and the Philosopher's Walk. The hotel offers a range of pet-friendly rooms, which are equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your furry friend. These rooms are spacious and feature comfortable and stylish decor with plenty of natural light. The hotel also has a number of pet-friendly facilities, including a special menu for pets, dog beds, and bowls. Guests are allowed to bring pets weighing up to 25 kg for an extra charge. The hotel is a great option for travelers who want to explore Heidelberg with their pets.

Hotel am Schloss

Hotel am Schloss is pet-friendly, allowing guests to bring their furry friends with them during their stay. The hotel understands the importance of pets to their owners and provides facilities and amenities to ensure they are comfortable too. Pets are welcome in designated rooms, and the hotel also provides bowls and beds to make them feel at home. Guests can take their pets for a walk in the nearby park, and there are plenty of pet-friendly cafes and restaurants in the area. The hotel kindly requests that pets are well-behaved and under control at all times to ensure the comfort of other guests. With its pet-friendly policy, Hotel am Schloss offers a warm welcome to guests and their pets, making it an ideal choice for travelers with furry companions.

Boarding World Heidelberg

Boarding World Heidelberg is a pet-friendly facility in Germany that offers spacious indoor and outdoor accommodations and customized pet care services. They have professional staff, state-of-the-art security systems, and provide boarding, daycare, grooming, and training. Pet owners can trust Boarding World Heidelberg to provide quality care for their furry family members' health and happiness.

sevenDays Hotel BoardingHouse

The SevenDays Hotel BoardingHouse is a pet-friendly accommodation option for those who want to travel with their furry friends. Located in a convenient location, this hotel offers a range of amenities, including free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and en-suite bathrooms. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with all the necessary facilities to make your stay enjoyable. Additionally, the hotel offers a range of pet-friendly services such as dog beds, toys, and bowls to make sure your pet feels at home while on holiday. There are also plenty of pet-friendly parks and attractions nearby for those who want to explore the local area with their furry friends. Overall, the SevenDays Hotel BoardingHouse is an ideal choice for pet owners looking for a relaxing getaway without having to leave their beloved pets behind.

Dog Friendly Activities in Heidelberg

  1. Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Walk):Take a stroll along the Philosophenweg, a scenic path on the northern side of the Neckar River. The trail provides beautiful views of Heidelberg Castle, the old town, and the river. It’s a great place for a leisurely walk with your dog.

  2. Heidelberg Castle Gardens:Explore the gardens surrounding Heidelberg Castle. While dogs may need to be on a leash in some areas, the gardens offer a peaceful environment for a walk. Enjoy the historical ambiance and panoramic views.

  3. Neckarwiese (Neckar Riverside Park):The Neckarwiese, located along the river, is a popular park where locals and visitors relax. It’s a great spot for a picnic with your dog, and your furry friend can enjoy some off-leash play in designated areas.

  4. Königstuhl (King’s Seat) and Funicular:Take the funicular up to Königstuhl, the hill overlooking Heidelberg. While dogs may need to be on a leash during the funicular ride, the summit provides scenic trails where you can enjoy nature walks with your dog.

  5. Old Town Exploration:Heidelberg’s old town is filled with narrow streets, historic buildings, and lively squares. Many cafes and restaurants in the old town have outdoor seating areas where you can enjoy a meal or a drink with your dog by your side.

  6. Karl Theodor Bridge (Old Bridge):Walk across the Karl Theodor Bridge, also known as the Old Bridge, which spans the Neckar River. Enjoy the views of the castle and the old town while taking a leisurely stroll with your dog.

  7. Schlosspark (Castle Park):Heidelberg Castle’s park area offers a relaxing atmosphere for a walk with your dog. While some areas may require leashes, the park provides a green space with a mix of historical and natural elements.

  8. Nature Walks Along the Neckar River:Explore the walking paths along the Neckar River, which provide a pleasant route for you and your dog. Enjoy the riverside scenery and maybe even stop for a riverside picnic.

  9. Pet-Friendly Accommodations:Choose accommodations that are pet-friendly. Some hotels and guesthouses in Heidelberg welcome guests with dogs, so be sure to check their pet policy when making reservations.

  10. Local Pet-Friendly Events:Check for any local pet-friendly events or markets that might be taking place during your visit. Heidelberg occasionally hosts events where dogs are welcome.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Heidelberg FAQ

Are there many dog-friendly hotels in Heidelberg?

Yes, Heidelberg offers several dog-friendly hotels, ranging from budget accommodations to more upscale options. Many hotels understand the importance of welcoming guests with pets.

Do dog-friendly hotels charge extra fees?

Some dog-friendly hotels may charge an additional fee for accommodating pets. This fee may cover extra cleaning costs or special amenities for your dog. Check the hotel’s policy regarding pet fees.

Can I bring my dog to the hotel restaurant or common areas?

Policies regarding pets in common areas vary. Some hotels allow dogs in designated areas or outdoor spaces, while others may have restrictions. Check with the hotel to understand their specific rules.