Dog Friendly Hotels in Dresden

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Dresden

Dresden is a beautiful city to visit with your furry friend. There are several dog-friendly hotels that offer comfortable accommodation for both you and your pet.

Hotel Suitess

Hotel Suitess is a pet-friendly hotel located in the heart of Dresden's Old Town. This hotel allows guests to bring their furry friends along on their vacation. Guests are required to inform the hotel in advance about their pet, and the hotel charges a small fee for pets. Upon arrival, pets receive a warm welcome with a bed, feeding bowl with food, and treats in their room. Additionally, a welcome pack with necessary pet care information is provided, including nearby pet-friendly parks and restaurants. However, some restrictions apply regarding the number and size of pets per room. Hotel Suitess is a perfect choice for those looking for a comfortable and enjoyable stay in Dresden with their pets.

Hilton Dresden

Hilton Dresden is a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes your furry friends to join you on your stay. Pets are allowed for an additional fee, and there are specific rooms designated for pets to ensure they are comfortable during their stay. Pet owners are asked to keep their pets on a leash in all common areas and to clean up after them. There are also nearby parks and walking areas for pets to enjoy and stretch their legs. The hotel staff is committed to making sure both you and your pet have a comfortable stay and are available to answer any questions or concerns. Leashing, feeding, and cleaning guidelines are available upon check-in. With its ideal location and pet-friendly policies, Hilton Dresden is an excellent choice for travel with your furry companion.

Holiday Inn Express Dresden Zentrum, an IHG Hote

The Holiday Inn Express Dresden Zentrum, an IHG Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes furry companions to join their owners during their stay. The hotel offers comfortable and well-equipped rooms with modern amenities and free Wi-Fi, ensuring a relaxing stay for guests and their pets. The hotel also provides a designated pet area and walking routes for guests to take their pets for a walk and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dresden. Additionally, the hotel's central location makes it easy for guests to explore the city and its attractions with their pets. Whether guests are traveling for business, leisure, or just need a break, the Holiday Inn Express Dresden Zentrum is an excellent choice for pet owners looking for a comfortable and pet-friendly accommodation in Dresden.

Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre

The Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre is a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes pets and provides a range of amenities and services to make their stay comfortable. The hotel offers pet-friendly rooms that are spacious, clean and equipped with all the necessary amenities that pets need. The hotel also provides pet beds, bowls, and toys, as well as a list of local pet-friendly restaurants and parks. All pets are welcome at the Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre, regardless of size or breed, and guests are only charged a small fee for their pets' stay. With its commitment to making pets feel welcome and comfortable, the Radisson Blu Park Hotel & Conference Centre is an excellent choice for guests traveling with pets.

Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel Dresden

The Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel in Dresden is a pet-friendly accommodation that welcomes guests and their furry friends. Whether you're traveling with your dog or cat, the hotel provides a warm and comfortable stay for all. You'll find that the hotel's pet policy is very accommodating, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines. Pets are welcome in all guest rooms and public areas of the hotel, and the staff will make sure that you have everything you need to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. There may be an additional fee for pets, so be sure to inquire when you book your room. Overall, if you're looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Dresden, the Bilderberg Bellevue Hotel is a great choice.

Dog Friendly Activities in Dresden

  1. Großer Garten: Großer Garten, or the Great Garden, is a vast and beautiful park in Dresden. It’s an ideal place for a leisurely walk with your dog, featuring expansive green lawns, walking paths, and even a palace.

  2. Elbe River Promenade: The Elbe River Promenade provides a scenic route for a stroll with your dog. Enjoy views of the river and the city while walking along the pathways.

  3. Dresdner Heide: Dresdner Heide is a large forested area near Dresden, offering numerous trails for walking and hiking with your dog. Keep your dog on a leash, especially in protected areas.

  4. Brühlsche Terrasse: Known as the “Balcony of Europe,” Brühlsche Terrasse is a historic terrace offering views of the Elbe River. It’s a pleasant area for a walk, and your dog may enjoy the atmosphere.

  5. Dresden Heath (Dresdner Heide): This nature reserve near Dresden provides a natural setting for outdoor activities with your dog. Explore the heathland and woodland trails while keeping your dog on a leash.

  6. Blüherpark: Blüherpark is a smaller park in Dresden with a pond and green spaces. It’s a charming spot for a relaxed walk with your dog.

  7. Dog-Friendly Cafes and Restaurants: Dresden has several dog-friendly cafes and restaurants, especially those with outdoor seating areas. Check local establishments that welcome well-behaved dogs.

  8. Pillnitz Palace and Park: Visit Pillnitz Palace and its surrounding park. While dogs may not be allowed inside the palace, the park and gardens are often open for dog-friendly walks.

  9. Boat Tours on the Elbe: Some boat tours on the Elbe River may allow well-behaved dogs on board. Check with local tour operators for pet-friendly options.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Dresden FAQ

Do dog-friendly hotels in Dresden charge extra fees?

Policies regarding pet fees can vary. Some hotels may charge an additional fee for accommodating pets, while others may include it in the overall room rate. It’s important to inquire about any extra charges when making a reservation.

Are there size or breed restrictions for dogs at these hotels?

Policies regarding size and breed restrictions can vary among dog-friendly hotels. While many hotels are generally welcoming to dogs of all sizes and breeds, it’s advisable to check with the specific hotel about their pet policy and any limitations they may have.

Are there veterinary services available in Dresden?

Dresden typically has veterinary services available. It’s a good idea to have information about nearby veterinary clinics in case of emergencies.