Dog Friendly Hotels in Black Forest

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Black Forest

If you’re a dog owner planning a trip to the Black Forest, finding a hotel that allows pets can be tough. But we’ve done the hard work for you!

stuub hinterzarten

Stub Hinterzarten is a beautiful village in the Black Forest region of Germany that is perfect for pet owners looking for a vacation destination. The village has several pet-friendly accommodation options, including hotels, apartments, and guesthouses. Many of these options allow pets to stay free of charge or for a small fee. In addition to the pet-friendly accommodations, there are many activities that you can enjoy with your furry friend in Stub Hinterzarten, such as hiking through the forest, exploring the village, or taking a dip in Lake Titisee. There are also several restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating that welcome pets. The fresh air, stunning scenery, and pet-friendly atmosphere make Stub Hinterzarten an ideal destination for anyone seeking a relaxing getaway with their pets.

Hotel Prinzen

Hotel Prinzen is a pet-friendly hotel that welcomes guests and their furry friends with open arms. The hotel understands the importance of bringing pets along on vacation or business travels and offers various amenities to ensure that both guests and their pets have a comfortable stay. Upon arrival, pets are greeted with a welcome kit that includes a bowl, mat, and treats. The hotel offers spacious rooms with plenty of floor space for pets to move around, as well as outdoor areas for dogs to enjoy. There is also a nearby park where guests can take their pets for a walk. Hotel Prinzen provides excellent customer service and is dedicated to making sure guests and their pets have an unforgettable stay.

Hotel Diana

Hotel Diana in Germany's Black Forest region welcomes guests and their pets! They have rooms that are suitable for pets, and superior rooms made especially for those travelling with their fur babies. They even have outdoor areas where dogs can play and exercise. They are located in a beautiful area and have many hiking trails. You can enjoy a breakfast buffet and local cuisine in their restaurant. If you want to explore the Black Forest with your pet, Hotel Diana is a great choice! Your pet will be comfortable, and you will enjoy your stay too.

Hotel-Restaurant Erbprinz

Hotel-Restaurant Erbprinz is a hotel in Ettlingen, Germany that allows pets. This means you can bring your pet with you if you're staying there. They welcome all types of pets, big or small. The hotel provides special things for pets like beds, bowls, and treats. The staff can tell you about places nearby that are good for pets, like parks and restaurants.The hotel is very fancy and has many nice things, such as a spa, gym, and nice rooms. The restaurant is also very good. There are many things to see around the hotel such as museums and shops.If you want to go on vacation with your pet and have a nice, fancy place to stay, then Hotel-Restaurant Erbprinz is a great choice.

Schwarzwaldhotel Gengenbach

Schwarzwaldhotel Gengenbach is a pet-friendly hotel located in the heart of the Black Forest region in Germany. The hotel welcomes pets of all shapes and sizes, allowing guests to travel with their beloved furry friends without having to leave them behind. The hotel has a variety of pet-friendly amenities, including dog beds, bowls, and treats, to ensure that your pet feels just as comfortable as you do throughout your stay. There are plenty of outdoor activities in the area for you and your pet to enjoy, including hiking trails and parks. The hotel also has a restaurant that allows pets on its outdoor terrace, so you can enjoy a meal with your pet by your side. Whether you're looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventurous outdoor retreat, Schwarzwaldhotel Gengenbach is the perfect pet-friendly destination.

Dog Friendly Activities in Black Forest

  1. Hiking Trails: The Black Forest is known for its extensive network of hiking trails. Many of these trails are dog-friendly, providing you and your furry friend with the opportunity to explore the lush landscapes. Some popular trails include the Schluchtensteig and the Westweg.
  2. Titisee Lake: Enjoy a leisurely stroll around Titisee Lake, a picturesque spot in the Black Forest. Dogs are often welcome, and the scenic surroundings provide a tranquil setting for a walk.
  3. Triberg Waterfalls: Visit the Triberg Waterfalls, the highest waterfalls in Germany. While pets may need to be on a leash, the area offers beautiful walks and photo opportunities.
  4. Schwarzwaldbahn (Black Forest Railway): Take a scenic train ride on the Black Forest Railway. Some train services are pet-friendly, allowing you to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes together.
  5. Gutach Open Air Museum (Vogtsbauernhof): This open-air museum showcases traditional Black Forest farmhouses. Leashed dogs are often allowed, providing a cultural and historical experience for both you and your pet.
  6. Dog-Friendly Accommodations: Many hotels and guesthouses in the Black Forest are pet-friendly. Look for accommodations that explicitly welcome dogs, and check their policies regarding pet stays.
  7. Pet-Friendly Cafés and Restaurants: Explore the charming towns and villages of the Black Forest, and stop by pet-friendly cafés or restaurants. Some establishments may even have water bowls for dogs.
  8. Lake Mummelsee: Located in a glacial cirque, Lake Mummelsee is surrounded by hiking trails. Enjoy a walk around the lake with your dog and take in the scenic views.
  9. Feldberg: The highest peak in the Black Forest, Feldberg offers panoramic views. Some trails around Feldberg are suitable for dogs, providing a challenging hike with rewarding vistas.
  10. Gondola Ride at Schauinsland: Take a gondola ride to the summit of Schauinsland, enjoying breathtaking views of the Black Forest. Check whether dogs are allowed on the gondola in advance.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Black Forest FAQ

What amenities do dog-friendly hotels in the Black Forest typically offer?
  • Dog-friendly hotels in the Black Forest often provide amenities such as dog beds, bowls, and sometimes even treats. Some hotels may have designated areas for dog walking or may be located near pet-friendly parks or trails.
Are there dog-friendly attractions and activities near these hotels?

Yes, the Black Forest offers numerous dog-friendly attractions and activities, including hiking trails, parks, and outdoor spaces. Your hotel staff may provide information on nearby places where you can enjoy activities with your furry friend.

Are there any specific rules I need to follow when staying at a dog-friendly hotel?

Each hotel may have its own set of rules for guests with pets. Common rules include keeping dogs on a leash in common areas, cleaning up after them, and notifying the hotel if your dog will be accompanying you. It’s essential to respect these rules to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone.