Dog Friendly Hotels in Bilbao

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Bilbao

There are many great dog-friendly hotels in Bilbao for travelers who want to bring their furry companions along. Here are some of the best.

Hotel Gran Bilbao

Hotel Gran Bilbao is a beautiful four-star hotel located in the city of Bilbao, Spain. The hotel is known for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent amenities, including a fitness center, free WiFi, and a restaurant specializing in Basque cuisine. But what sets Hotel Gran Bilbao apart is its pet-friendly policy, which allows guests to bring their beloved furry friends along on their stay. The hotel understands that pets are part of the family, which is why they make sure they feel just as comfortable as their human counterparts. Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Hotel Gran Bilbao is the perfect choice for your next trip to Bilbao.

Hotel Ilunion Bilbao

Hotel Ilunion Bilbao is a pet-friendly hotel situated in the heart of the city. This modern and stylishly decorated hotel is committed to delivering an enjoyable experience for both human and animal guests. The hotel offers a warm welcome to dogs, cats, and other pets, and provides a range of pet-friendly amenities including a special pet breakfast, a water bowl, and a dedicated pet area within the hotel. Their pet-friendly rooms also provide plenty of space for pets to relax and play, featuring wooden floors and comfortable pet beds. The hotel’s central location puts it within walking distance of some of the city's top pet-friendly attractions, including stunning parks and pet-friendly cafes. If you're looking for a pet-friendly hotel in Bilbao that's both comfortable and convenient, Hotel Ilunion Bilbao is an excellent choice.

Hotel Ilunion San Mamés

The pet-friendly Hotel Ilunion San Mamés in Bilbao, Spain welcomes pets of all sizes and breeds, providing guests with facilities such as bowls and beds. The hotel's location near San Mamés Stadium and tourist attractions make it a great option for exploring the city. Nearby parks are also available for pet walking and playing. Book a stay with Hotel Ilunion San Mamés for a comfortable and welcoming experience with your furry friend.

Abba Euskalduna Hotel

Abba Euskalduna Hotel in Bilbao, Spain is a modern, city center pet-friendly hotel offering comfortable rooms and special pet services. Pet owners will love the convenient location near dog-friendly parks, and the hotel is within walking distance of top attractions such as the Guggenheim Museum and Fine Arts Museum. Perfect for travelers seeking a comfortable stay with furry companions.

Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao, Autograph Collection

The pet-friendly Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao, Autograph Collection provides luxurious accommodations for both leisure and business travelers in the heart of Bilbao. The hotel offers pet-friendly rooms with special amenities like food and water bowls, comfortable bedding, and pet toys. Enjoy facilities like a fitness center, spa, and exquisite dining options. Its convenient location allows for easy exploration of nearby attractions, including the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Make Hotel Ercilla de Bilbao, Autograph Collection your top choice for a comfortable pet-friendly stay in the heart of Bilbao.

Dog Friendly Activities in Bilbao

  1. Riverside Walks along the Nervión River: Enjoy a leisurely stroll with your dog along the Nervión River. The riverbanks often have pedestrian-friendly paths where you and your furry friend can take in the scenic views.

  2. Parque de Doña Casilda Iturrizar: This centrally located park is a fantastic place for a dog-friendly outing. It features walking paths, green spaces, and a pond. It’s a popular spot for locals to walk their dogs.

  3. Monte Artxanda: Take a hike or a cable car ride up Monte Artxanda, which offers panoramic views of Bilbao. Dogs are often welcome on the trails, providing an excellent opportunity for exercise and fresh air.

  4. Plaza Moyúa: Explore the iconic Plaza Moyúa, a central square surrounded by shops and cafes. While dogs may need to be on a leash, it’s a great place to take a break during your city stroll.

  5. Getxo Coastal Walk: Head to the nearby coastal town of Getxo and enjoy a walk along its beautiful promenade. Some areas may be dog-friendly, and you can even find beachside cafes with outdoor seating.

  6. Dog-Friendly Pintxos Bars: Bilbao is known for its pintxos bars. While dogs may not be allowed inside, many establishments have outdoor seating where you can enjoy these delicious small bites with your furry friend by your side.

  7. Dog-Friendly Beaches: Explore the nearby beaches such as Plentzia or Gorliz, where dogs are often allowed. Check local regulations and enjoy a day by the sea with your dog.

  8. Cerro de Pagasarri: For more adventurous dogs and owners, Cerro de Pagasarri offers hiking trails just outside of Bilbao. The mountain provides stunning views of the surrounding area.

  9. Pet-Friendly Hotels and Accommodations: Look for pet-friendly hotels or accommodations in Bilbao. Some places may offer specific amenities for your dog, making your stay more comfortable.

  10. Visit the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao: While dogs may not be allowed inside the museum, the area surrounding the Guggenheim Museum has open spaces and paths where you can take a walk with your dog.

Dog Friendly Hotels in Bilbao FAQ

What amenities can I expect at a dog-friendly hotel in Bilbao?

Dog-friendly hotels in Bilbao often provide amenities such as pet beds, bowls, and sometimes even special treats. Some may have designated areas for dog walking or provide information about nearby typically provide amenities such as pet beds, bowls, and sometimes even special treats. Some may also have designated areas for dog walking or provide information about nearby parks.

Is there an additional fee for bringing my dog to a hotel in Bilbao?

Many dog-friendly hotels charge an additional fee for accommodating pets. This fee can vary, so it’s recommended to inquire about it when making a reservation.

Are there any size or breed restrictions for dogs in these hotels?

Restrictions vary by hotel, so it’s advisable to check with the specific hotel regarding size and breed policies. Some hotels may have limitations on larger breeds.